Name: Imani Rose     Age: 22      From: Oakland, California

The Story: Imani Rose comes to us from northern California, she wont say exactly where but we suspect she is from San Francisco because of what she told us about herself. She told us that she lives in a place where a lot of people actively explore all aspects of sexuality and that trying new things is the thing to do there. She said people are very open and non-judgemental and that has allowed her to try new things since she has moved there last year. Her past year’s sexual explorations have led her to “sample”, as she calls it, different men from different “cultures”. She said it’s like traveling the world while still at home. I guess men aren’t the only ones that like variety.Recently, she has decided to go further and not only “sample” different sexual partners but to also “sample” them bareback and to have them fill her with their seed. When she told her girlfriend about her plans, the friend told her that the term for that type of thing was “getting creampied”. Imani decided to see how common or rare that was and found that it is a widely admired ending for sex. She decided that she wanted to have her first creampie recorded since she missed recording her first interracial sex and of course she missed recording her first sexual encounter.

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